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Cologne Underground

Cologne Underground

Colt’s reputation for reliability and quality came into play when the Cologne Underground needed to install smoke curtains on its North-South line in a short timeframe following a fire safety report.

Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport

Colt supplied and installed a smoke containment system to create compartments in the airport’s large open spaces and prevent the movement of smoke and heat.

Che Kung Temple Railway, Hong Kong

Colt supplied and installed an operable solar shading system that will close the louvres on rainy days while ensuring they will open automatically in case of a fire.

Sha Tin Station, Hong Kong

FAS Engineering Limited, Colt’s distributor, installed SmokeMaster SM5 smoke curtains for the staircases and escalators.

Doha International Airport, Qatar

Doha International Airport

Colt supplied solar shading consisting of a total of approximately 11,400 m2 of Shadoglass louvre.

Sky plaza, Hong Kong Airport

More than one thousand Colt Kameleon automatic glazed smoke release ventilators have been integrated into the skylight system of Hong Kong International Airport's SkyPlaza.

Vienna Airport

Colt supplied and installed a smoke control system at Vienna Airport Air Cargo Center and Handling Center West. 

Britomart Railway Station, New Zealand

Colt supplied and installed louvres for the air intake towers.

SBB Railway Headquarters

SBB Railway Headquarters

Colt provided rotating glass louvres with inlaid textile matting in a variety of colours to SBB's headquarters buildings.

Oostplein Metro Station, Netherlands

Oostplein Metro Station, Netherlands

Colt supplied and installed Cyclone induction fans and controls to the metro station, ensuring escape routes remain free from smoke.

Stoke Bus Station, UK

The new bus station at Stoke on Trent has been built as part of a multi-million pound development of the City Centre. Colt installed a Shadoglass shading system.

Best railway station, the Netherlands

EuroCO natural ventilators both relieve the pressure in the building as trains approach and provide protection from fire.

Zurich Airport, Switzerland

When designing the new Airport in Zurich, the architect was looking for a solar shading solution which maximized natural daylight. 

RET stations, Rotterdam

Colt provided smoke control and smoke containment for a series of underground stations.

OVT, The Hague

Colt supplied and installed a complete glass roof including smoke and heat exhaust ventilators for the public transport terminal in The Hague (Den Haag OVT). 

Calandtunnel, Rotterdam

Colt clad the entrance of Calandtunnel in Solarfin to reduce the cooling load in summer, and to maximise daylight entry. 

Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Hong Kong

Colt inverted Universal Louvre is used extensively for this new underground station.

MTRC Airport Express Exhibition Station

Colt provided a combined smoke and natural ventilation system for Mass Transit Railway Corporation, Hong Kong.