Innovation, technology and flexibility drive Colt’s system design, product development and manufacturing activities

Product innovation based on real-life tests

Our Research and Development Centre uses the latest technologies to carry out calculations relating to the fire, safety, thermal, acoustic, and thermodynamic characteristics of our products.

Usage of modern 3D design software in R&D and manufacturing helps us to shorten the time to market for new developments.

We can analyse the performance of our products in a variety of conditions, identifying possible improvements and ensuring that they can perform as required. For some types of tests we are also able to carry out official CE testing under the surveillance of a notified laboratory.

In addition our in-house CFD team is able to model the performance of our products, further enhancing our ability to make improvements to them.

  • Layout of our "Pegasus" Reasearch and Development Centre
  • Smoke curtains
  • SiteGuard anti-fall through guard
  • OVT, The Hague
  • Königsbau Arcades, Stuttgart
  • Rolex SA, Geneva
  • LMG, Essen

CE marking of products

The majority of our smoke control products have been externally tested to rigorous international standards, and in Europe have been CE marked accordingly. This gives our customers peace of mind:

  • Labelling of our products makes the characteristics of the product easier to understand
  • The customer knows that our products meet all relevant aspects of safety and are manufactured consistently to the highest standards

Our high standards of design and manufacture mean that the customer can choose from a wide range of variants to suit their specific application, and that our products can meet the most stringent demands if required.

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Flexible and lean manufacturing

We recognise that we need to manufacture as close as possible to our customers, in order to reduce transportation costs and to provide the best quality of response. That is why our products are manufactured in Brazil, China, Germany, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, the UK and the USA.

Our manufacturing facilities apply the principles of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement to minimise lead times and waste, maximise efficiency in the production processes and ensure consistently high quality standards. Constantly assessing all processes, we involve our employees in regular quality forums to drive forward continuous improvement processes.

  • Lean manufacturing at our Cuijk factory, the Netherlands