Colt solar shading and daylight optimisation systems

Our solar shading and daylight optimisation systems provide good quality natural daylight without solar glare, so as to improve internal conditions and reduce energy costs.

The benefits of a solar shading and daylight optimisation

  • Optimum performance by reducing solar heat gains whilst maintaining acceptable levels of natural daylight
  • Reduction of glare
  • Reduction of cooling loads in summer
  • Reduction of heating requirements in winter
  • Potential for striking aesthetic impact

Why choose Colt solar shading and daylight control systems?

When we sit inside a building, we all recognize the benefits of natural daylight entering through the window. We respond better when we can have a view to the outside and work better under controlled natural daylight conditions. And we all naturally like buildings that evoke interest and admiration, an effect many architects achieve using large expanses of glazing. This also fits in with the drive towards reducing energy consumption, as it enables building designers is to maximize the use of natural light. The challenge  them  is to do that without the problems of glare or excessive solar heat gain.

That’s where Colt’s expertise comes in: you need a well-designed and well-chosen solar shading system to achieve the necessary functional performance and to meet the aesthetic requirements of the building. Colt can provide a complete package of scheme design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

When you work with Colt, you can count on full peace of mind in every phase of the project and for the full life cycle of your system because our experts understand the engineering and architectural challenges of different buildings. We:

  • Look at the complete picture: we know how a building works and have extensive in-house expertise in a broad range of technologies.
  • We work with the architect, providing calculations to ensure that our solution delivers the best performance with the potential for a strong architectural statement.
  • Customise our products to fit the exact requirements of your project and, where necessary, have them specially tested at our R&D facility.
  • Supply our high quality products, manufactured under quality standards and third party tested to rigorous standards.
  • Install and commission your system: our experienced, professional project management teams will take care of everything.

Every type of building presents different dynamics and requirements. Our experts are able to design custom solutions that take all variables into account to create a comfortable and healthy environment, and over the years we have built an enviable track record.

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