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Burnside Village Shopping Centre, Adelaide

Burnside Village Shopping Centre, Adelaide

Colt provided a waterproof natural ventilation system for the stunning curved glass pop top roof at Burnside Village Shopping Centre.

Bory Mall, Slovakia

Bory Mall, Slovakia

The Colt Slovakia team was presented with an interesting challenge when approached to design and install smoke control and car park ventilation systems for a new shopping centre.

Wijnegem Shopping Mall, Belgium

Wijnegem Shopping Mall

As part of the Wijnegem Shopping Mall renovation, Colt installed Smokemaster SM5 smoke curtains to provide smoke control in the event of a fire. 

Abu Dhabi Central Market

Abu Dhabi Central Market

Colt provided the smoke curtains and car park ventilation for the historic Abu Dhabi Central Market,one of the oldest
sites in the city.

Mirdif City Centre Mall, Dubai

Mirdif City Centre Mall, Dubai

Colt has installed over 500 Kameleon smoke control ventilators into the Mirdif City Centre Mall located in Dubai.

Puerto Venecia, Spain

Colt installed natural louvred ventilators for day to day ventilation and smoke control for Puerto Venecia Shopping Centre and Retail Park in Zaragoza.

CentrO, Germany

Colt installed a series of SmokeMaster smoke curtains to prevent the movement of smoke and heat from one area to another.

Almada Forum, Portugal

Colt provided natural casement ventilators, natural glazed ventilators and natural louvred ventilators for smoke control. A solar shading system using Solar C and Solarin was also installed.

Highpoint Shopping Centre, Australia

Colt supplied a ventilation system that provides shoppers with clean fresh air and a sense of openness, a reduction in the carbon footprint of the building and a cost saving of thousands of dollars per annum in mechanical air conditioning costs.

City Square Mall, Singapore

Colt provided a smoke control system comprising Smokemaster smoke curtains, motorized dampers and smoke extraction fans.