Our design process and tools

Designing in energy efficiency and a strong architectural statement

Architects, builders, contractors, consultants and developers: you can count on Colt’s expert design advice should you need it. We can develop tailor made systems integrating climate control, natural ventilation, solar shading and smoke ventilation. Our experts can help you unlock your building’s potential for energy efficiency, ensure fire safety and help to make an architectural statement. We can also carry out a detailed survey on an existing building to improve a system's effectiveness and performance.

  • Free webinars deliver value to our customers
    Colt’s webinars (short on-line seminars) on hot industry topics have become an increasingly popular avenue for people to find out more about a wide range of subjects without having to leave their desks.
  • Colt design input at UPC
    Read how a Colt design team designed in aerodynamic effectiveness at a BREEAM “Excellent” office building in Leeuwarden.

Advanced technology to create Colt conditions: CFD

To assist with designing effective design conditions, we use in-house Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and other design tools to simulate flows and heat transfer within buildings. This knowledge enables us to design tailor-made concepts fully suited to every specific situation.

The advantage of having these tools in-house is that we have built up a substantial library we can refer to if we are presented with a similar design challenge in the future.

In addition we are able to verify the effectiveness of our CFD designs by comparing the predicted results from CFD modelling with empirical test results on Colt products carried out in our own R&D centres. All of this gives our customers peace of mind that our modelling is robust and based on real life situations.

  • CFD modelling with ORCA
    Colt has relied on Computer Fluid Dynamics to investigate ventilation designs for over 20 years. This is an extremely valuable tool to simulate airflows and heat exchange within a building, and to model how they will be affected by different design approaches.

Measure your building’s energy performance with Colt Piatra software

Using the unique Colt Piatra software, we can predict how much energy a building will consume and how much carbon it will produce when different types of ventilation, heating, cooling and shading equipment are installed.

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