Business the Colt way – entrepreneurship and financial stability

Sustainable growth the Colt way

Entrepreneurship, stability and managed growth have guided the way Colt is managed since it was founded in 1931, earning our reputation as a financially strong, solid business. In everything we do we strive for development and growth that is sustainable in the long term – for our customers, our suppliers and for us.

Colt conditions for financial stability

We are aware of the financial implications of what we do and apply four key financial principles to safeguard our business, our people and the environment we operate in:

Foresight – We plan our success. We model possible future pathways, costing them out and analysing them carefully before committing. We invest in the future.

Risk management – We analyse risk and implement mitigating measures before taking the next step.

Liquidity – We manage our projects so that we have sufficient capital to complete them and keep the business going.

Stakeholders’ buy-in – We ensure we have the full support of all our stakeholders before launching projects, expansion plans and new strategies.

Read about our financial principles and download the Colt Annual Review 2014 to find out more about our recent perfomance.

  • Colt: financially strong - D&B credit rating