We work hard to reduce our impact on the environment

Colt conditions for a sustainable built environment

The very nature of what we do at Colt contributes to a built environment that is more efficient and sustainable in the use of the world’s natural resources. Our technologies harness natural elements and make them work for the building, to ensure the most efficient use of energy.

Many products in the Colt portfolio contribute to a building’s energy efficiency; for example solar shading that reduces cooling requirements or natural ventilation that lowers internal temperatures and improves air quality with no or minimal energy expenditure.

And we are always searching for new solutions to further improve the environmental performance of our customers’ designs. For example, we are bringing to market a new generation of energy saving products, which in turn help buildings to achieve high energy performance. Our ventilation and cooling products are ever more air tight, better insulated and energy efficient to reduce consumption. Especially energy-efficient products include the Airlite, Firelight and Coltlite ventilators and the Coolstream evaporative cooler.

Not only do we help our customers with their designs’ environmental performance; we also look at the way we run our operations, taking every opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, both at our offices and at our manufacturing locations. We plan our logistics to optimise efficiency, seek to minimise packaging, reduce waste, recycle and use materials from sustainable or recycled sources.

Examples of how Colt is working for a sustainable building environment

  • “Colt Goes Green” Colt Netherlands commits to cut CO2 emissions by 23% within 5 years
    Colt embarks on the CO2 performance ladder
  • Advanced technology to create Colt conditions: predicting energy usage
    Using the unique Colt Piatra software, we can predict how much energy a building will consume and how much carbon it will produce when different types of ventilation, heating, cooling and shading equipment are installed.

  • Colt advises on how to improve energy efficiency in factories
    Colt’s expertise in maximising energy efficiency in industrial buildings is put to the test daily as its specialists carry out surveys of customers’ facilities and provide solutions to improve their performance. 
  • A living green dynamic façade...Surely this is science fiction?
    Colt is involved in a research project that you might think belongs in science fiction: it’s about creating a façade that uses live micro-algae to provide shade and generate renewable energy at the same time. You can’t be greener than that!
  • Colt in Havant slashes energy use
    Receiving electricity and gas bills at Colt UK’s Havant factory has recently become positively thrilling.