Even greater safety from Colt Smoke Curtains

Apr 2011

Colt customers needing smoke capture and channelling in large warehouses, buildings or underground transport systems have asked for even larger smoke barriers than had been previously available. To answer that request, Colt International has developed, tested and certified an SM5 smoke curtain with massive dimensions. Matthieu Thissen, manager of Colt's Centre of Excellence for smoke curtains, explains: “We believe we are the first company to develop a 15m deep smoke curtain which has been tested to the EN 12101-1 standard.”

In order to be able to test such a large product, a special closed steel frame test rig had to be built on the Colt site at Kleve, Germany. Within this, a smoke curtain housing, five rollers with integral tubular motors, single sheets of fibreglass fabric 3m wide, side guide rails and a cycle time control unit were installed.

Matthieu says, “We tested how the unwinding cloth behaved, the creasing and linear displacement, tightness of the cloth overlaps, unrolling speed, reliability in case of alarm and the movement of the cloth when disturbed by air flow. This was particularly critical given the extra large size of the curtains.”

After internal trials, the Materials Testing Institute at the University of Stuttgart carried out an official audit monitoring the curtain’s movement on a webcam around the clock. Special consideration was given to the possible effects of strong autumnal winds.

“In order to achieve that essential certification,” Matthieu continues, "we then had to go through another test to make sure the curtains could withstand the temperatures of the hot gases in an emergency. This test was also completed successfully.”

These developments have been instrumental in Colt winning several large smoke curtain orders.

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