Colt wins the Bavarian Energy Award 2014

Oct 2014

Colt’s ClimaTower has won the Bavarian Energy Award 2014 in the Buildings and Building Designs category for its outstanding energy efficiency at the Derag LivingHotel in Munich.

(From l to r) Uwe Barth (Colt), Mr. Vogt (Derag LivingHotels), Lukas Verlage (Managing Director Colt), Franz Josef Pschierer (Member of Parliament, State Secretary at the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology)

ClimaTower: the solution for a zero-energy hotel

Colt developed the system in response to a request from hotel group Derag Livinghotels to design a solution that would help them to achieve their objective of building a zero energy hotel.

ClimaTower is a compact heat pump and storage system that provides cooling, heating and warm water for buildings where there are variable requirements for cooling and heating – for example hotels, hospitals, apartment buildings or sheltered housing.

It is a domestic hot water system that can at the same time heat and cool the internal space efficiently.

Its de-centralised climate control of individual rooms means that there is the potential for energy balance between its cooling and heating functions as it moves heat around a building. This is part of the reason for its high energy efficiency. Another reason is that it makes extensive use of energy recovery.

Proven performance and energy efficiency

ClimaTower has been in operation for a year and a half at the hotel, where it has worked reliably and dramatically reduced energy consumption. Its performance is being monitored by the University of Rosenheim to validate its high energy efficiency performance. Average energy consumption of about 55 kWh / m² per year for heating, cooling and hot water are being achieved in the converted hotel against a recommendation for low energy hotels of 137 kWh/m².

ClimaTower has been in operation for 18 months at the Derag hotel Campo di Fiori, averaging 55 kWh/m2 annual energy consumption - well below the recommended 137 kWh/m2 for low energy hotels. Image credit: ©

ClimaTower – a sustainable, cost effective solution

ClimaTower offers:

  • High energy efficiency
  • A decentralised Legionella-free hot water system that provides hot water when it is needed
  • Silent heating and cooling
  • Low operating costs, maximum comfort
  • Space-saving installation, ideal for both new buildings and refurbishments
  • Sustainable use of surplus energy
  • A safe and environmentally friendly system by using minimal amounts of refrigerant.

In short, ClimaTower is reliable, quiet, efficient, cost-effective and sustainable.

For further info please visit our ClimaTower web page (in German).

Lukas Verlage, Managing Director Colt International GmbH, received the award from Bavaria’s state secretary for economic affairs, Franz Josef Pschierer, at an award ceremony in Nuremberg. Lukas Verlage says, “ClimaTower has established a milestone in climate control systems. Colt is honoured to receive the Bavarian Energy Award, which is one of the most significant awards for energy efficiency in Germany."

The Bavarian Energy Award

The Bavarian State Government, situated in  Germany’s most innovative region, awards the Bavarian Energy Award every two years for outstanding innovations in the responsible use of energy. It is awarded in the following categories to eight award winners for:

  • Renewable energy, energy networks and storage technologies
  • Energy policies and initiatives
  • Buildings and building designs
  • Equipment, process and product development.

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