Colt industrial ventilation systems

Our industrial ventilation systems harness the natural elements to create ideal internal working conditions in industry. We design ventilation systems that ensure that temperatures remain at the desired level and that productivity is enhanced.

The benefits of a good internal climate

  • Increased productivity resulting from a healthy and comfortable environment for the occupiers.
  • Improved functioning and lower maintenance costs for manufacturing processes, and production equipment, resulting from operating in ideal conditions.
  • Longer shelf life and safeguarding of product quality, resulting from goods being able to be processed and stored in ideal conditions.

Why choose Colt to solve your industrial ventilation problem?
Colt can provide a complete package of scheme design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Surveys and advice for successful refurbishing projects

When a building is refurbished, Colt is able to unlock considerable potential for improvements in energy performance, fire safety and appearance. Colt experts can carry out detailed surveys to identify the necessary adaptations and upgrades to optimise the system's effectiveness and performance.

Colt industrial ventilation systems

For industrial buildings Colt offers solutions for natural day-to-day ventilation with the optional benefit of smoke ventilation, or hybrid natural and mechanical ventilation systems including evaporative cooling and heating.

The design approach depends on the use of the building. Colt operates in a wide variety of industries, providing tailor made climate control systems to meet the specific requirements of each.

For example, our systems for the food industry need to take account of the need for constant temperature and humidity levels to guarantee food safety.

Our natural ventilation systems are particularly well suited to larger buildings where there are manufacturing processes that produce relatively high levels of heat, such as in glass industry, foundries and power stations, but they are also found in other industries such as plastics and metal working. Infact, our natural ventilation systems can be found where all kinds of manufacturing and storage takes place, including in the food, engineering, chemicals, paper, and mining industries.

Our evaporative cooling systems are often employed in production or storage facilities where conventional air conditioning systems would not be cost-effective, and where natural ventilation cannot provide the required conditions.

Some operational requirements for industrial premises

  • Keeping excessive temperatures down. A facility may have minimum and maximum operating temperatures for optimum plant efficiency, for storage and processing of materials and to ensure comfortable working conditions for its staff.
  • Providing ventilation whilst avoiding noise from breaking out – this can impact on the local environment.
  • Providing ventilation in all weather conditions.
  • Providing good indoor air quality, without excessive humidity, dust, fumes or odours.
  • Ensuring that there is inlet air to provide sufficient over-pressure to ensure ventilation efficiency and to prevent dust and other external contaminates from infiltrating the building.
  • Avoiding the risk of explosion if there is an explosive atmosphere.
  • Protecting people, goods, machinery and buildings from the risk of fire, and enabling fire fighting access.

Our design approach

Good ventilation design can mitigate the above mentioned factors so that the facility can operate at maximum efficiency.

Every building is different and a variety of factors affect its internal climate: location, orientation, the materials used in its construction, what processes are going on in the building, and what it is used for. All these factors influence its temperature, humidity, air movement, solar intensity, condensation, noise, and solar intensity. Our experts are able to design custom solutions that take all variables into account to create a comfortable and healthy environment, and over the years we have built an enviable track record. Visit our projects pages.

We have an in-depth knowledge of technologies and techniques across a wide spectrum. We have the experience to advise on the best combination of products and systems to achieve the desired effect and performance. Visit our design process and tools page.

Our product range

Wherever possible, we will design solutions that make use of natural ventilation. The many advantages of this include minimal energy consumption and CO2 emissions, virtually no maintenance, silent in operation, self regulating, very low operating costs, and the fact that such equipment has a long life span and is not liable to break down.

In some cases natural ventilation is insufficient to provide the required conditions on its own. Accordingly we also offer evaporative cooling and mechanical ventilation, often combined with natural ventilation, to achieve the desired result. Visit our products and systems pages.