Highpoint Shopping Centre, Victoria

In this shopping centre all the shops are air conditioned but the main atria/malls in between the shops rely on natural ventilation, so the ventilation systems need to work together so the shops do not overheat, nor use excessive air conditioning.

One of the best retail fashion outlets in Australia Operable glass louvred natural ventilation system Insulated metal operable natural ventilation system Clean fresh air and a sense of openness

Colt was engaged to design and supply two different kinds of Coltlite louvred natural ventilators: operable glass ones for the Fashion Mall and insulated metal operable ones for the Eco Mall. These were designed to meet the stringent confinements of Arup’s comfort control specifications which ensure the most effective contribution of the natural ventilation scheme to the shopping centre’s energy efficiency.

Colt supplied four external weather stations including wind speed, wind direction, temperature and rain sensing equipment, and six internal monitoring sensors which were both linked to a Colt ICS control hub.

As a result the ventilation system provides the shoppers with clean fresh air and a sense of openness, a reduction in the carbon footprint of the building and a cost saving of thousands of dollars per annum compared to the alternative proposal which involved mechanical air conditioning.