General manufacturing

Volkswagen, Slovakia

Colt provided a scheme of specially–designed Apollo and Apollo ATI roof ventilators. 

Listerine, Thailand

A 3UL triple bank Universal louvre systems designed to provide ventilation with the maximum degree of rain defence was installed at the Johnson & Johnson Listerine Factory.

Hoeckle, Slovakia

Colt provided a “4 in 1” solution, comprising skylights to let in natural daylight, natural day to day ventilation, cooling and smoke ventilation.

Thule, Poland

Colt improved the working conditions in Thule’s production area using CoolStream units.

Bosch Mahle Turbo Systems, Austria

Colt supplied a climate control system to ensure low temperatures, a relative humidity below 60%, good air quality, while still maximising energy efficiency.

PULS, Czech Republic

Colt provided Coltlite natural ventilators with triple glazing.

Hansen Transmission, Belgium

Colt’s original installation of natural smoke ventilators was upgraded.

Stuart Turner Ltd, UK

Colt supplied a ventilation system to improve the working conditions in a new factory area.

SEW Eurodrive, Germany

The fascination with dynamic motion sequences is already evident in the building's façade and solar shading structure. Colt installed an external, fully automatic solar shading system.

Grunewald, Germany

Colt louvres reduce solar heat gain and at the same time generate electricity.

Avon Cosmetics, Brazil

Colt provided a scheme of smoke control ventilators.

Decospan, Belgium

Colt provided a natural ventilation scheme in two plants.

Mercedes Benz Technology Centre, Germany

Colt installed a scheme of Labyrinth natural extract ventilators.