Food and beverages

Bavaria Brewery, Lieshout

Bavaria Brewery, Lieshout

Colt Netherlands came up with an effective solution with low operating costs at the dutch brewery, Bavaria.

Friesland Campina, the Netherlands

Colt supplied and installed air handling units, combined with evaporative cooling, warm water heating and filtering for Friesland Campina's high care rooms, where baby and infant food is prepared.

Pauwels, Belgium

Colt designed a scheme of CoolStream evaporative cooling units and controllable Labyrinth ventilators.

Fonterra, the Netherlands

Colt installed an evaporative cooling system to dramatically decrease energy usage and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Castaño Bakery, Chile

Colt supplied a climate control system which met the demands of a bakery’s complex production process.

Warta Glass Jedlice S.A., Poland

Colt supplied a ventilation system for this manufacturer of colourless glass jars for food preserves.

General Deheza, Argentina

Colt supplied and commissioned a day to day and smoke control ventilation scheme.

Kievit, the Netherlands

Colt provided a complete ventilation and air conditioning system.