Exhibition halls / theatres

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Palacio Euskalduna, Spain

The Palacio Euskalduna conference centre and concert hall stands on the site of the former Euskalduna Shipyard. Colt installed a series of  natural louvred ventilators for day to day ventilation and smoke control.

Nan Fung Conference Centre, China

Colt installed over 4,000 m2 of Universal Louvre panels.

Hau Gok Tin Hau Temple museum, Hong Kong

Colt louvres provide weathered ventilation.

Mercedes-Benz World, UK

Colt provided an internal Solarfin shading system and staircase smoke ventilators.

Exhibition Fairground, Vienna

Colt provided a smoke control and solar shading scheme, controlled by a central OPV system.

International Exhibition and Conference Centre, Hong Kong

Colt provided Meteor twin flap ventilators and Seefire natural louvred smoke ventilators to provide a complete skylight.

Copenhagen Opera House

Colt designed and provided a smoke control system in this extraordinary building, consisting of Meteor MLS natural flap ventilators, each achieving a huge 55 dB acoustic attenuation.

Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Scotland

Colt installed a smoke control system that met the regulatory requirements for fire protection, as well as meeting the demanding acoustic requirements.