Educational buildings and schools

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Colegio Aleman German School, Madrid

Pupils at the German School in Madrid, Spain, now enjoy quality natural light in their classroom thanks to Colt’s solar shading system. 

University of Deusto, Spain

Colt installed Coltlite natural ventilators into the façades of the historic buildings at the University of Deusto.

Lycée du Pays de Retz, France

Colt supplied a variety of natural ventilators.

Carmel College, New Zealand

Colt provided a smoke control scheme.

Ben Pimlott Building, University of London

Colt supplied hand controlled Coltlite natural glazed ventilators in the main façade.

Bibliotheek Universiteit, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Colt provided a Shadoglass external glazed solar shading system incorporating 190 controllable vertical glass panels.

Derby College, UK

Colt provided a smoke clearance system comprising Coltlite and Seefire ventilators to provide both day to day and smoke ventilation.

Paul O'Gorman Building, UK

Colt supplied Solarfin extruded solar shading louvres and Universal Louvre so as to minimise solar heat gain.

Singapore Polytechnic

Colt provided smoke control and weather louvres.

Technical College and Campus, Krems, Austria

Colt provided vertical aluminium perforated louvres to allow an optimum amount of natural daylight to enter without causing undue solar heat gain.

Technical College and Campus, Puch, Austria

Colt provided a veil of stainless steel perforated solar shading louvres.

University of Hertfordshire, UK

Colt supplied a large number of Coltlite natural glazed ventilators with manual controls.

Auchmuty High School, Scotland

Colt supplied and installed a combined natural smoke and weathered day to day ventilation scheme for the new school.

Ørestadens Gymnasium, Denmark

This project involved the design and installation of 1700m² laminated and printed bespoke Shadoglass glass louvres.