Colt in Havant slashes energy use

Receiving electricity and gas bills at Colt UK’s Havant factory has recently become positively thrilling.

“Since the implementation of two energy saving projects, consumption has gone down so much that our bills are much lower than they used to be in spite of big rises in electricity and gas prices,” says John Bloomfield, Manufacturing Manager.

The three old boilers in the office building, which had a combined output of 1,425 kW but only ran at 65% efficiency, have been replaced with eight 42 kW condensing boilers that operate in excess of 90% efficiency. Thermostatically controlled valves have been fitted on every radiator, ensuring that an even temperature is maintained in every part of the building.

John is very pleased with the results: “In three months, we have used 35% less gas than we did in the same period last year: in spite of a 14% rise in gas prices, we saved more than £ 5,500!”

The electricity bill, on the other hand, was slashed by replacing the fluorescent lighting in the manufacturing area with T5 energy efficient light fittings with integral movement detectors and automatic light level adjustment.

“We used 18% less electricity over 5 months compared to the same period in 2011, which cut almost £ 4,000 from our energy bill in spite of prices having risen by 7.8%.

“When we planned these two projects, we knew we would cut dramatically our energy consumption, but the result has exceeded our expectations by far!”