Colt Group Limited credit rating as assessed by Dun and Bradstreet (4 April 2014)

The Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) Maximum Credit Recommendation for Colt Group Limited has recently been increased from £3.3m to £4.9m.  The recommendation is calculated using the D&B Failure Score, business size and primary industry sector and this distinguished credit rating is testament to the Company’s continued financial strength and stable business performance despite the challenging market conditions in which we are operating.

The D&B report confirms that Colt Group Limited has retained its ‘4A1’ rating.  The rating takes into account Financial Strength and Risk of Business Failure.

The Financial Strength of Colt Group Limited, based on tangible net worth, is assessed at ‘4A’ and of the total number of businesses in the industry with known Financial Strength only 0.1% have a higher Financial Strength.

The Risk Indicator for Colt Group Limited is ‘1’ which represents a minimum risk of business failure. 

Furthermore D&B assesses the likelihood of a Company failure and assigns a failure score of ‘0’ to ‘100’ with a score below ‘50’ suggesting that a Company is having financial difficulties.  Colt Group Limited has scored ‘99’ compared to the industry average of ‘35’ which reinforces the financial strength of the Company and its ability to meet its contractual obligations.  Only 1% of UK businesses have a lower risk of failure.