“Colt Goes Green” - Colt Netherlands commits to cut its CO2 emissions by 23% within 5 years

Colt takes the environment and sustainability very seriously. In fact, every day, as we design energy-efficient systems for our customers we help them reduce their carbon footprint as well as their running costs end energy bills. But, as you know, we are never satisfied and we want to do more for the environment. We have a plan to reduce our own carbon footprint and to continue to do so over time.

Colt Netherlands has taken the first step, achieving Level 3 certification in the so-called “CO2 performance ladder”. This stage is all about contributing ideas and it is the beginning of the path towards continuous reduction of its carbon footprint. Every member of the team is involved contributing ideas on how to help Colt reduce its CO2 emissions.

Subsequently we have focused our efforts on reducing the energy consumption of our buildings, by carrying out structural modifications and reviewing our energy management systems.