Burnside Village Shopping Centre, Adelaide

Stunning waterproof ventilation in adelaide

The Burnside Village Shopping Centre in Adelaide, Australia, boasts a stunning curved glass pop top roof that creates an airy and light atmosphere within the building. However, it had a problem: the ventilation let rainwater in and heat out. 

Colt provided the solution: a waterproof natural ventilation system that incorporates 2UL double bank louvre and PR100 inverted single bank aluminium louvre systems as well as all the supporting structural steelwork.

Justin Carr was Project Manager on this complex job: “The design of the roof posed its challenges, with curved east and west elevations, and faceted internal mitre corners coming down to meet the straight sections. The louvre systems are all the way round and under the skylights, so these curved and straight shapes had to be managed. Also, the custom made bottom sill and flashing work was intricate, as well as the silicon sealing work to make sure no rainwater can enter the building.

“To add to this, we had a tight deadline to meet, so speed of installation while managing the intricate process of installation was challenging in itself!”

The installation was completed last November and the Burnside Village Centre occupiers and managers are enjoying its waterproof ventilation system, as well as the added benefit of lower energy bills.