Bory Mall, Slovakia

The Colt Slovakia team was presented with an interesting challenge when approached to design and install smoke control and car park ventilation systems for a new shopping centre designed by the studio of Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas.

Bory Mall is part of a new district in construction in the city of Bratislava. It is a vast complex (54,000 square metres!) built around a central courtyard. The boxy shape of the outside belies the sweeping lines of the inside, all curves and circles. At the heart of the building is a vast atrium surrounding the central courtyard, featuring Fuksas’ trademark curvaceous glass structures.

The Colt team developed a smoke control solution relying on Liberator powered ventilators, FCO and EuroCO louvred ventilators and SmokeMaster SM5 curtains. The Colt design only required 9,700 m2 of ducting instead of 18,000 m2 of the original specification – as a result, not only significant savings were achieved on materials, but the equipment could be installed more quickly and at lower cost. 

Colt also designed and installed the ventilation system to provide day to day ventilation for the 2,400-space underground car park. Here too, Colt’s design significantly cut costs and complexity as it required far less ducting. 

The result: a very happy customer for the savings achieved and the speedy completion of this complex project. The Bory Mall was inaugurated in November 2014.