AZN Power Station

Around one-eighth of all household and similar industrial waste in the Netherlands is transported to the AZN plant in Moerdijk and this helps to provide more than 200,000 households with sustainable energy.

Smoke control and natural ventilation system Energy to Waste power generation facility Labyrinth natural ventilators

AZN uses the heat from the incineration of the waste to generate steam, which in turn is used to produce electricity at the nearby combined heat and power plant in Essent. The result is an energy-conversion efficiency of thirty per cent, one of the highest in Europe.

Colt supplied and installed two sets of Labyrinth natural ventilators. These ventilators were set at precise points around the plant to effectively combat the build up of heat, and one set of Labyrinths were installed so that the ventilators could be removed without the need to dismantle them allowing for easier access to the equipment within the facility.